Frequently Asked Questions

For Guests

What is Recharge?

How does it work?

How much does it cost?

When can I use Recharge?

Can I book a Recharge in advance?

How are the room cleaned?

Where is Recharge currently available?

When will Recharge become available for Android?

For Hoteliers

What is Recharge?

Who is the Recharge customer?

What do customers use Recharge for?

Does Recharge partner with other companies?

What is the average length of stay of the Recharge guest?

How do I manage my inventory? Do I have control?

How does Recharge work for customer?

How much money can I make with Recharge?

Can guests book a Recharge in advance?

My hotel runs a very high occupancy. Can I still use Recharge?

My Hotel is Union. Can I still use Recharge?

How does the guest check out?

How much does Recharge Cost for guests?

When can guests use Recharge?

How do I add availability onto the Recharge app?

How does the guest pay for their stay?

Does the Front Desk collect a credit card from the guest?

How does the hotel receive payment for guest stays?

How is housekeeping notified when the guest has checked out in the app?

Where is Recharge currently available?

Does Recharge Integrate with my current reservation system

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